Return to a full head of 'hair'????

Back to a full head of hair? Just like Jamie Foxx, Didier Lamkel Zé and Niels van der Zanden, choose hair pigmentation

As many as half of men over the age of 30 suffer from hair loss. Although that does not necessarily mean that you must walk around with a bald head all your life. Just look at actors Jamie Foxx or Niels van der Zanden, known from Temptation Island. They opted for micro hair pigmentation. And for that you have come to the right place at Prohairclinic in Heist-op-den-Berg. “Among others, football player Didier Lamkel Zé is a customer of ours”, says manager Sabine Dillen.

What You Didn't Know About Her Pigmentation – Difference from Classic Tattoo

Hair pigmentation or scalp micro hair pigmentation (SMP) is still unknown to many of us, especially compared to hair transplantation. Read more about the differences between hair transplantation and hair pigmentation.
Still, hair pigmentation has been available for over 10 years. Our country, together with the Netherlands and Italy, is the cradle of this natural-looking hair loss solution.
In the meantime, the technical possibilities have improved, and the dots are currently even smaller, and therefore more realistic, than, say, 5 years ago.
But is scalp micro hair pigmentation a traditional tattoo? The answer is NO. Micro hair pigmentation of the scalp is quite different from a traditional tattoo. We also like to document our own hair pigmentation examples

Sabine paints abstract paintings

Sabine Dillen aka Miss-D publishes her abstract paintings on new website for art lovers

Sabine has been active as an artist for years and paints abstract paintings.

Each painting is unique and has a certificate of authenticity.

Her works are ideal for renovation, new home interiors, as well as in the office.

Are you thinking of an abstract painting?

Come and take a look at the new Miss-D art website

Sure enough, Sabine still offers hair pigmentation for men with hair loss.

TV plus interview with Sabine Dillen about hair pigmentation.

Sabine Dillen and Cynthia Reeckmans explore the possibilities of her pigmentation during a life interview.

Virtuele haartransplantatie - haar pigmentatie

Wat is virtuele haartransplantatie?

De benaming werd gekozen omdat haar pigmentatie een virtuele bos haarstoppels kan simuleren.

In de handen van experts ziet het resultaat er super natuurlijk uit, onherkenbaar als ‘virtueel haar’.

Spectacular 'hair density' enhancement using hair pigmentation

He is an ideal candidate for using hair pigmentation.

He has fair skin, dark hair.
He has lost some hair, the skin is starting to be noticed.

KanaalZ visits Prohairclinic/Sabine Dillen and discovers her pigmentation

Hair pigmentation is a solution for hair loss, even for advanced hair loss.

Unfortunately, hair transplantation is not always possible.

Alternative for hair transplantation - hair pigmentation

Hair pigmentation (SMP), is a special technique in which organic mini pigments, "hair stubble", are placed in order to create the effect of a shaved head.

Long lasting SMP - scalp micro hair pigmentation now available at Prohairclinic

Sabine Dillen, specialist hair pigmentation does not sit still and has completed another masterclass course: SMP, or scalp micro hair pigmentation.

Fear of hair pigmentation? Joel disproves and tells from his own experience (English)

Not one person noticed!!! - Joel debunks the fears of hair pigmentation

Joel is from Australia and he came to Prohairclinic for his first hair pigmentation in 2014.
Everyone that is interested in hair pigmentation and still has worries about how it looks in real life SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

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