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"We assure 99% of our customers with hair loss (even advanced) a 100% solution
without surgery, without products or aftercare"


We are full-time scalp micro hair pigmentation specialists since 2004.
Don't gamble with your appearance.


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Now available in Europe : Zero Shine 2.0

(Zero Shine 2.0 : Eliminates any shine after micro hair pigmentation)

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Scalp Micro Hair Pigmentation (SMP)

Hair transplantation without hair? Virtual hair transplant? Discover scalp micro hair pigmentation (smp)

  • Scalp micro hair pigmentation offers a solution if you are not eligible for a hair transplant because you are completely bald, for example.
  • Scalp micro hair pigmentation is often the only remaining solution after a failed hair transplant.
  • Aesthetic - emotional solution for hair loss
  • Replacing a hair piece or wig with scalp micro hair pigmentation is often possible (shaved hairstyle look)

Using scalp hair pigmentation technique, we put hair stubble on the head with special pigments to imitate a 'shaven look effect' or shaved look hairstyle or to create an optical hair densification in order to densify a hair transplant.

Scalp micro hair pigmentation resembles classic tattoo, but there are some fundamental differences:

  • Smaller Needles - We use the latest hair pigmentation needles imported directly from California USA.
  • Special pigments - hair pigmentation pigments are composed differently from classic color pigments.
  • Dot technique - a technique in which the depth of the pigment places is crucial to create small dots.

Long-term solution for advanced hair loss - without surgery - fast results - natural-looking effect - guarantee

  • Scalp micro hair Pigmentation dot art is a long term solution 5-10 years without any maintenance.
  • The end result is in most cases achieved within a month. Extremely fast compared to hair transplant (12 months).
  • No recovery time, you can resume your activities the day after the treatment.
  • The result is natural looking because our extremely experienced scalp hair pigmentation specialists have more than 20 years of experience.
  • Guarantee that there is a very visible optical 'hair' improvement after achieving the end result.

scalp micro hair pigmentation or hair transplantation?

Zero shine 2.0 | Mattifying cream after hair pigmentation | now available in EU

Do you suffer from a shiny or glossy scalp after a scalp hair pigmentation (SMP) treatment?

Do you want a natural and matte look for your new hairstyle without a shiny or reflective scalp?

Then Zero Shine 2.0 is the product for you!

Aesthetic and emotional benefits | micro hair pigmentation | hair loss solution

Micro hair pigmentation as a solution to the aesthetic as well as emotional consequences of hair loss

Micro hair pigmentation, also named scalp hair pigmentation smp, is a non-surgical treatment that camouflages thinning hair and hair loss or bald spots. By applying thousands of pigment dots to the scalp, new 'hair stubble' is placed on the head, making the skin less visible and creating the effect of a fuller head of hair.

Podcast video with hair pigmentation specialist Sabine Dillen by BEHAVED

Podcast (BEHAVED) about scalp micro pigmentation, alternative to hair transplant: An Interview with Sabine Dillen, scalp micro pigmentation master from Prohairclinic
Today an interview with the Belgian pioneer in the field of scalp hair pigmentation, Sabine Dillen from the Belgian Prohairclinic.

With her years of experience and unparalleled expertise, Sabine has helped countless men and women regain their confidence through micro pigmentation-SMP hair tattoo treatments.

Let's dig deeper into her story and find out how she bridged the gap between art and science in the world of hair pigmentation alternative to hair transplant.

BEHAVED: Hi Sabine, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved in hair pigmentation?

Sabine: Sure, I'm delighted to be here. My journey into the world of hair pigmentation actually started as a personal mission. I saw so many people, both men and women, suffer the emotional impact of hair loss. After years of research and training, I decided to specialize in hair pigmentation because I believed I could make a positive difference in the lives of people struggling with baldness or thinning hair.

BEHAVED: That's really inspiring, Sabine. Can you tell us more about the scalp pigmentation technique and how it works?

Sabine: Of course. Hair pigmentation, also known as micro hair pigmentation, is an advanced procedure in which microscopic dots of pigment are applied to the scalp to create the illusion of a fuller head of hair. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment performed using special equipment and biodegradable pigments. By carefully applying the pigments to the scalp, we can strengthen hair density, camouflage scars and mimic a natural hairline.

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