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I am more than happy with the result and would definitely recommend it!

The experience with the Hair Pigmentation at Prohairclinic was very pleasant throughout. I especially appreciated the initial contact and consultation over Skype and the transparency in the whole process. I specifically searched for a clinic where the whole process would be mainly done by one person and in addition to that a person that I could trust. Previous to enquiring with Prohairclinic I was in contact with another clinic with several branches. Here I reached a person in a call center that was treating the phone call somehow like a sales pitch, offering a discount if I would decide within a week etc. Furthermore I was not comfortable with the person doing the treatment being anonymous and would even likely shift over the three sessions. For that reason I was relieved finding Prohairclinic and that Sabine herself took the time for the communication and consultation. Everything was explained in detail and also the pricing is 100 % transparent and in my eyes very competitive for what is offered. The sessions themselves were comfortable for me, of course a little painful at times but in the end it was more than worth the little discomfort during the sessions. The result is really like in the pictures, maybe even better. Sabine takes great care for details like the hairline and the transitions to the existing shaved hair. I could really feel that a lot of experience can be found here and again, for me it was important that all the sessions came from one hand with clear dedication to a perfectly satisfying result. Overall it's a full recommendation from me.

Ben 15-11-2022

Dear visitor,

Are you looking for a total solution for advanced baldness?
Are you looking for repair or optical 'higher density' due to less successful hair transplantation?
For solutions via hair transplantation, it is best to go here (new website still under construction)

Hair pigmentation - SMP - repair hair transplantation - hair tattoo

Hair Pigmentation

Hair Pigmentation offers a solution when you are not eligible for a hair transplant because, for example, you are completely bald. Using our hair pigmentation technique, we put hair stubble on the head with special pigments to simulate a "shaven look effect" or to create an optical thickening for thin hair.

The treatment has been specially developed for the scalp, so that the risk of risks and complications is nil. Hair pigmentation is a long-term solution. We offer different pigment types that retain their effect for 5-10 years.

Reversing Baldness with Hair Pigmentation

Hair loss is an issue that affects people of all ages and genders, often causing distress and a decrease in self-confidence. Fortunately, there are now treatment options to help restore hair and scalp to its original appearance. One of the latest treatments gaining popularity is hair pigmentation, which is said to effectively reverse baldness by using tiny tiny pigments that deposit into the hair follicles. In this blog post, we'll discuss what hair pigmentation is, how it works, and the advantages.

BHR Clinic and Prohairclinic: ultimate FUE hair transplantation team

As of January first 2023 there will be a collaboration between BHR clinic and Prohairclinic.

Both are FUE hair transplantation pioneers and without a doubt have the most experience in Europe. Come by and discuss the possibilities of FUE hair transplantation.


Break with your hair loss, even if you are completely bald.

A complete solution within 30 days without surgery and without the use of products or hairpieces.

But, what if you are in doubt? Come by and watch for a while during a live treatment.

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