Bald or hair loss?

Low hair density (after hair transplant)?

Alopecia areata?

Micro hair pigmentation = 100% solution after 3 treatments.

No cure, no pay.

Micro hair pigmentation (MHP) is a non-surgical treatment that helps camouflage thinning hair, hair loss, and even complete baldness.

By inserting virtual 'hair follicles', you get an optically full head of hair. The applied hair follicles are indistinguishable from real ones.

Micro hair pigmentation - shaved hairstyle example

We start with a personal consultation

There are several factors that need to be discussed beforehand, including:

  • Current hair situation
  • Cause of hair loss
  • Desired results
  • Budget
Hair pigmentation specialist Sabine Dillen
Micro hair pigmentation master specialist Sabine Dillen

What is micro hair pigmentation?

10 Benefits of Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP)

  1. Non-surgical: Hair pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure where pigment is applied to the scalp to create the illusion of a full head of hair with closely shaved follicles.
  2. Solution for advanced hair loss: Micro hair pigmentation is an excellent choice for people with complete baldness who want to create the optical illusion of a full head of hair in a closely shaved hairstyle.
  3. Quick results: A micro hair pigmentation end result is achieved after 3 treatments, usually performed within 1 month.
  4. Minimal recovery time: Patients generally require no recovery time after micro hair pigmentation. There is no swelling, bruising, or scabbing after treatment. This allows patients to return to their normal activities the day after treatment (except for sports, sauna).
  5. Affordable solution: Compared to hair transplantation, micro hair pigmentation is affordable.
  6. Long-lasting result: The end result needs to be refreshed every 3-5 years.
  7. No products or frequent maintenance needed: Once the end result is achieved, no additional products need to be used. Essentially, no maintenance is required until about 3-5 years after the initial startup treatment.
  8. High 'hair' density: Unlike hair transplantation, micro hair pigmentation can achieve an extremely high 'hair' density. Typically, the pigmented density is the same as the period before your hair loss.
  9. Natural-looking: A well-executed hair pigmentation is not recognizable from a normal social distance. 99% of our customers also often indicate this through their testimonials.
  10. Repair of failed hair transplantation (or low density): Micro hair pigmentation is recommended by virtually all hair transplantation surgeons to create a higher optical hair density. In the case of a failed hair transplantation, micro hair pigmentation can often be used to camouflage the problems that have arisen.

Micro hair pigmentation - Camouflaging FUE hair transplantation scars

Indications where micro hair pigmentation can be used to camouflage hair loss.

  • Complete baldness
  • Densification of existing hairs (even after hair transplantation)
  • Improvement of FUE or FUT hair transplantation scars
  • Alopecia areata (stable)

Hair pigmentation specialist Isabel Vermaelen
Micro hair pigmentation specialist Isabel Vermaelen | Prohairclinic

Micro hair pigmentation: the 'golden' standard for hair pigmentation-tattoo

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