Frequently asked questions Micro hair Pigmentation SMP

Does it look natural?

This is the number 1 question that is asked repeatedly during an intake interview. We like to refer to treated customers (ask for our list) and they are happy to answer you yourself. Our clients inform us that our results are totally natural and no comments are given.

Is the treatment painful?

A treatment is not extremely painful but is felt differently by each client. The upper head and the crown are less sensitive. At the hairline there are more nerves and often that is the most sensitive spot during a treatment. We use an anesthetic cream if desired.

Can I go back to work the day after a treatment ?

Yes, after the treatment you can go back the day after working * The possible redness immediately after the treatment disappears after 6-12 hours. No swelling is expected after a treatment * If you do heavy physical work, it is best to take 3-4 days off because you can not sweat extra until 4 days after a treatment. Do I have to take special precautions in sports or heavy activities In principle not, only up to 7 days after the treatment should not be extra sweating. Your husband perform all sports or activities, even in the sun. Pigments are under the skin and do not disappear after a possible contact.

Can the color be adjusted individually?

Yes, of course, this is just the crucial part of a successful hair pigmentation. Our hair pigmentation specialists have over 6 years of experience with both hair transplantation and hair pigmentation. They also have the necessary diplomas and recognition

Do I have to shave my hair to pigment between existing hair? Can it be used in between existing hair implants?

We can work in between existing hairs.

Because the pigment is placed at + - 0.5 mm depth, there is also no effect on the deeper hair bulbs or hair implants.