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Examples short haircut effect micro hair pigmentation with high 'hair' density

Optically higher to very high density in short haircuts for men thanks to micro hair pigmentation

In addition to an optically higher density, a shaved look, a shaved hair style, can also be created using micro hair pigmentation.

So no new hair is applied or hair growth is not stimulated. The hair loss or baldness is only camouflaged by applying pigments. As a result, the optical density of a short haircut in men can be greatly or very strongly improved.

In advanced or complete baldness, this solution can create the illusion of a shaved haircut ('shaven look'); in case of partial baldness (e.g. to eliminate inlets, to rejuvenate the hairline...); to camouflage scars on the head (for example after a hair transplant); to camouflage hair loss in alopecia areata (patchy baldness).

Always high density - even with complete baldness

One of the advantages of micro hair pigmentation is that you can also have the treatment applied with an advanced stage of baldness. This is in contrast to hair transplants, where you must have enough hair follicles. Her pigmentation therefore always gives a high 'hair density', a 100% perfect short haircut.

In addition to concealing baldness and thinning hair, a micro hair pigmentation treatment is a solution if you want to camouflage scars on the scalp or if you are dealing with alopecia areata.

The applied pigments fade in an extremely natural way and do not discolour to blue or green tones. You can choose to undergo a so-called 'touch-up' treatment after 3-5 years. Then the results will remain optimal.

Experienced and full-time micro hair pigmentation specialists

Micro hair pigmentation treatments are performed by our trained and experienced specialists who are aware of the latest trends and developments in the field of sophisticated technology.

Cost hair pigmentation vs hair transplant

Compared to a hair transplant, the costs of a micro hair pigmentation are on average 50% to 100% lower.

Always a perfect short haircut - high density - without daily maintenance - realistic and natural looking results

The perfect short shaved look hair pigmentation for bald or balding men. Hair pigmentation can create the illusion of a full head of hair in shaved down to +-1mm. Ideal for those who always wear and keep their hair at +- 1 mm in length. The result is completely natural looking, unrecognizable as virtual hair stubble.

Hair pigmentation can sometimes also be used for thinning hair where the scalp becomes slightly visible. The treatment can reduce the contrast between the skin color and hair color and therefore give the illusion of more hair.

In conclusion, micro hair pigmentation is a great option for those who want a fuller-looking head of hair, especially for men who wear their hair short or have shaved it. It offers natural-looking results without surgery and at a lower cost than other treatments such as hair transplants.

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