More hair density through optical hair densification with hair pigmentation

Increase hair density and volume through micro hair pigmentation

Camouflage thinning hair

Scalp micro pigmentation, also known as micro hair pigmentation (SMP), is a non-surgical treatment used to camouflage thinning hair and hair loss. It is a relatively new technique that is touted for hair loss.

By means of hair pigmentation, thousands of pigment dots are applied to the scalp, creating new 'hair stubble' on the head. This makes the skin less visible and creates the effect of a fuller head of hair. The hair appears fuller.

Increasing hair density in case of hair loss

Another advantage of micro hair pigmentation compared to other treatments such as hair transplantation and hair powder is that it gives quick results and the recovery period is virtually non-existent.

A hair pigmentation treatment is also less expensive than a hair transplant.

However, this treatment method also has its drawbacks.

For example, an SMP treatment will never lead to a real full head of hair. It is only possible for people with dark hair. The existing hair density must not be too low, this must be checked in advance by our specialists.

In principle, the result is permanent, but can fade somewhat over the years (5+ years).

Comparison hair pigmentation vs hair powder

Compared to hair powder, micro hair pigmentation also offers some advantages. Hair powder can help to temporarily create more volume in the hair, but the effect is short-lived 1-2 days. In addition, hair powder can sometimes be messy and leave stains on clothes or bedding.

In conclusion, micro hair pigmentation offers an effective way to create more volume in the hair through optical illusion. It is a quick and relatively inexpensive treatment that requires less recovery time than other treatments such as hair transplantation. While the result is not permanent, it can be long-lasting and provides a natural-looking solution to thinning hair and hair loss.

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