Break with your hair loss, even if you are completely bald.

A complete solution within 30 days without surgery and without the use of products or hairpieces.

But, what if you are in doubt? Come by and watch for a while during a live treatment.

Dark skin or light skin does not matter for hair pigmentation

'It doesn't matter if you are black or white'

This Michael Jackson song title also applies to our hair pigmentation customers.

Light skin, dark skin, we can change your hair look without surgery and with long-lasting results.

Hair pigmentation vs hair transplant.

Extreme example: failed hair transplant solved through hair pigmentation shaven look effect

After his hair transplant, this customer was not satisfied with his result.

The density of the graft area is strikingly different from the area behind it.

Unfortunately, this is a typical example of a failed hair transplant.

This disturbs the customer and wants to make this less visible.

Hair Pigmentation - How Do They Do It?

Hair Pigmentation - How Do They Do It?

Hair transplantation is now a well-known concept, but most people have never heard of hair pigmentation.

Even though both treatments address hair loss issues, they are completely different treatments.

Shave hair after a hair transplant? Why?

Shave hair after a hair transplant?

You often do not realize it, but many are becoming increasingly bald after a hair transplant. This is usually due to poor information.

But what can you do after a hair transplant if the donor area is used up?

What is still possible if your hair transplant looks unnatural?

Unfortunately, there are few repair options.

Micro hair pigmentation is one of the best choices.

Watch how hairs are 'created' in slow motion

In the video below you can see in slow motion how the superfine dots are placed.

It seems easy, but it requires specific micro hair pigmentation training, top material, and above all experience to distribute the stubble in such a way that it looks natural.

Check out our before-after results MHP, more than 100 images in the meantime!

Straight hairline, or 'soft' hairline? U shape or V shape hairline?

After the question “does hair pigmentation look natural?”. The second question is usually about the placement of the hairline.

The hairline wishes of customers are often extremely far apart. Logically, you have a lot of variations.

Sometimes a straight hairline is requested, sometimes a softly defined hairline in a V or a U shape, a youthful hairline, or a mature hairline.

We use EU regulated pigments

We are often asked which pigments we use.

Return to a full head of 'hair'????

Back to a full head of hair? Just like Jamie Foxx, Didier Lamkel Zé and Niels van der Zanden, choose hair pigmentation

As many as half of men over the age of 30 suffer from hair loss. Although that does not necessarily mean that you must walk around with a bald head all your life. Just look at actors Jamie Foxx or Niels van der Zanden, known from Temptation Island. They opted for micro hair pigmentation. And for that you have come to the right place at Prohairclinic in Heist-op-den-Berg. “Among others, football player Didier Lamkel Zé is a customer of ours”, says manager Sabine Dillen.

What You Didn't Know About Her Pigmentation – Difference from Classic Tattoo

Hair pigmentation or scalp micro hair pigmentation (SMP) is still unknown to many of us, especially compared to hair transplantation. Read more about the differences between hair transplantation and hair pigmentation.
Still, hair pigmentation has been available for over 10 years. Our country, together with the Netherlands and Italy, is the cradle of this natural-looking hair loss solution.
In the meantime, the technical possibilities have improved, and the dots are currently even smaller, and therefore more realistic, than, say, 5 years ago.
But is scalp micro hair pigmentation a traditional tattoo? The answer is NO. Micro hair pigmentation of the scalp is quite different from a traditional tattoo. We also like to document our own hair pigmentation examples

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