Shaver for hair pigmentation

NEW! "Skull Shaver" for a perfect shaved "look" style

Eyebrow transplantation

An eyebrow transplant can be a permanent solution if you have fine eyebrows. Also possible for completely lost eyebrows.

Replacing Finasteride pills with Finasteride lotion? More information

Moving away from Oral Finasteride? Here are some excellent reasons.

PRP treatments now also available

Stimulate hair growth with PRP

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a non-surgical method to stimulate hair follicles based on your own stem cells.

Customer reviews: Customers trust Prohairclinic!

Prohairclinic customers rate us on Kiyoh, an independent assessment platform from Rotterdam.

Repair of FUT (strip) scarring. Temporary offer.

We repair your old FUT hair transplant scars. Now temporarily our top OFFER.

Discounts through Last minute possible

Last minute discounts 10-30 % - discover our conditions.

This Finasteride lotion really works - example

Although topical finasteride exists for several years, we have yet to see real-life results.

Long lasting SMP - scalp micro hair pigmentation now available at Prohairclinic

Sabine Dillen, specialist hair pigmentation does not sit still and has completed another masterclass course: SMP, or scalp micro hair pigmentation.

Fear of hair pigmentation? Joel disproves and tells from his own experience (English)

Not one person noticed!!! - Joel debunks the fears of hair pigmentation

Joel is from Australia and he came to Prohairclinic for his first hair pigmentation in 2014.
Everyone that is interested in hair pigmentation and still has worries about how it looks in real life SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

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