Amazing repair hair restoration (Pluggy look)

This patient came by with a failed hair transplant that he had undergone a few years earlier (FUT method).

Because old techniques were used, his implants grew in a kind of 'pluggy' style, which looked very unnatural.

KanaalZ visits Prohairclinic/Sabine Dillen and discovers her pigmentation

Hair pigmentation is a solution for hair loss, even for advanced hair loss.

Unfortunately, hair transplantation is not always possible.

NO SHAVE FUE – the first FUE hair transplantation technique that does NOT require any shaving

Recently have acquired a new technical solution in order to perform FUE HAIR TRANSPLANTATION which does not require any shaving of the existing hairs at all.

Consultation options in the Netherlands (free)

FREE consultation options in the Netherlands - Personal with doctor/specialists in the field: Hair transplantation - Hair pigmentation - Hair recovery - PRP

Sapphire or Sapphire technique information

What is Sapphire, or sapphire technique used during FUE hair transplants?

Indispensable hair examination for online consultations - Trichoscopy

Indispensable hair examination for online consultations - Trichoscopy

New: HairMetrix® Trichoscopy analysis for professional hair examination

To measure is to know, and that is also the case with hair loss and hair loss.

Thanks to this new software and hardware from the company Canfield, a developer of medical imaging, an objective and extremely accurate hair measurement is possible.

As more and more online hair consultations are offered (or recommended), the information from a Trichoscopy is crucial.

Alternative for hair transplantation - hair pigmentation

Hair pigmentation (SMP), is a special technique in which organic mini pigments, "hair stubble", are placed in order to create the effect of a shaved head.

Information on Hair boost hair treatments now available

Stimulate hair growth with Hair boost

Hair boost , or rich plasma, is a non-surgical method to stimulate hair follicles based on your own stem cells.

Long lasting SMP - scalp micro hair pigmentation now available at Prohairclinic

Sabine Dillen, specialist hair pigmentation does not sit still and has completed another masterclass course: SMP, or scalp micro hair pigmentation.

Fear of hair pigmentation? Joel disproves and tells from his own experience (English)

Not one person noticed!!! - Joel debunks the fears of hair pigmentation

Joel is from Australia and he came to Prohairclinic for his first hair pigmentation in 2014.
Everyone that is interested in hair pigmentation and still has worries about how it looks in real life SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

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