Micro Hair pigmentation? Solution for hair loss without surgery

Complete solution for hair loss - with guarantee - what is hair pigmentation?

Hair pigmentation (MHP) is a non-surgical treatment that camouflages thinning hair and hair loss or bald spots. Depending on the center or the precise method, this is also called scalp pigmentation, Tricopigmentation and so on.

By applying thousands of pigment dots to the scalp, new 'hair stubble' is placed on the head, making the skin less visible and creating the effect of a fuller head of hair.

In addition to an optically higher density, a shaven look, a shaved hair style, can also be created and scars can be made less visible. So no new hair is applied or hair growth is not stimulated. The hair loss or baldness is only camouflaged by applying pigments, hence hair pigmentation.

When can hair pigmentation be applied?

Hair pigmentation is a technique that can be used on humans, men and women: with thinning hair: darkening the skin creates an optical illusion of more hair.

This does not always work with long hair, but it does with complete baldness by creating the illusion of a shaved head ('shaven look'); in case of partial baldness (e.g. to eliminate inlets, to rejuvenate the hairline…); to camouflage scars on the head (for example after a hair transplant); to camouflage hair loss in alopecia areata (patchy baldness).

TV interview with Sabine Dillen, hair pigmentation expert and Cynthia Reeckmans (TVPlus): "with hair pigmentation you have the result within a month..."

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Hair transplant without surgery? Hair pigmentation

If you're looking for a way to create the look of a 'full head of hair' without surgery, you may have heard of hair pigmentation?

Hair surgeons and dermatologists often refer to hair pigmentation specialists when:

  • a failed hair transplant cannot be corrected surgically
  • a hair transplant cannot offer a solution (too few donor hairs, advanced hair loss, too high expectations ...)
  • camouflage scars
Sabine Dillen - Master in de haarpigmentatie uitoefening
Sabine Dillen - Master scalp micro hair pigmentation expert

How is a hair pigmentation treatment done? Differences from classic tattoo?

Hair pigmentation is a treatment that uses extremely small needles and specially developed hair pigmentation pigments (SMP) to simulate hair stubble.

The pigments have been developed to be extremely resistant to the effects of UV rays from the sun and are individually adapted by specialists for each person so that they integrate beautifully with the existing hair and hair color.

Important differences between hair pigmentation and classic tattoo.

Everything from the needle, type of ink, technique and depth of pigment deposition is different.

Dot technique vs line technique

First, the placement of the pigments in the skin is crucial. Classical tattooing uses a 'line' filling where pigments are placed up to 3-4 mm under the skin. However, hair pigments are introduced via the 'Dot technique' at 0.5-1 mm under the skin so that the dots remain small and do not expand.

That is the secret of a perfectly executed pigmentation, but it requires years of experience.

Links Dot haarpigmentatie techniek vs Rechts klassieke lijnen en vlakken tattoo
Left 'Dot technique' vs Right 'classic lines and planes' tattoo

Hair pigmentation needle vs classic tattoo needle

For starters, a regular tattoo needle is just too big and imprecise to approximate the look and texture of tiny hair stubbles.

  • The needle used for hair pigmentation is called a “3 point micro needle” or “1 point micro needle”. Prohairclinic imports the latest new generation of hair pigmentation needles directly from California USA.
  • The needles used at Prohairclinic vary and are adapted to the 'real' hair stubble. That is why we also have "1 point microneedles" to construct a 'soft' hairline, for example.
  • Hair pigmentation needles are therefore 50-75% smaller than the smallest needle used by a traditional tattoo artist!
  • The result of using such a small needle is that you can't even tell the difference between a real hair follicle and ink deposited by a hair pigmentation needle.

Better and ultra-realistic results thanks to high magnification and special lighting

Using high magnification glasses is a plus for quality reasons while performing hair pigmentation. This type of glasses offers a strong magnification, allowing the practitioner to work even more accurately = ultra realistic results.

Our practitioners ALWAYS use magnifying glasses, the same high quality glasses that are also used during hair transplantation.

Speciale vergrotingsbril tijdens de behandeling voor extra realistische resultaten
Special magnifying glasses during the treatment for extra realistic results

Adjusted lighting for an optimal hair pigmentation result

Special, 'flat' light sources create non-reflective lighting. As a result, the practitioner can always count on a correct representation of the placed pigments.

Speciale \'vlakke\' verlichting - anti reflectie
Special 'flat' lighting - anti-glare

Our hygienic standard

During the treatment, biodegradable pigments are applied to the top layer of the scalp to mimic hair stubble.

It is important that treatment is carried out in a clean and hygienic environment to minimize the risk of infection.

  • Our practitioners perform the mandatory hygienic procedures before and after each treatment. They have the necessary Belgian training, diplomas and recognitions for this.
  • Cleaning all surfaces that come into contact with products, patients and practitioners
  • All consumables that come into contact with the patient or products are replaced and never reused
  • Special air filters clean the air continuously

Your comfort during treatment

Hair pigmentation treatments last 2-4 hours on average.

  • All treatment rooms are equipped with screens and you can watch your favorite series during the treatment
  • All treatment rooms are air-conditioned
Volg uw favoriete serie tijdens de behandeling
Follow your favorite series during the treatment

Our experience = your 100% guarantee

  • We guarantee that you will obtain an optical and realistic-looking improvement of your hair situation after only 3-4 hair pigmentation treatments.
  • The end result will look natural at a normal social distance.

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