Hair Pigmentation 'Shaven Look' SMP

Perfectly Shaved Short Hairstyle with High 'Hair' Density through Hair Pigmentation

Micro hair pigmentation with the 'shaved look' option is the most popular treatment among men.

It's an ideal choice for men looking for a complete solution to baldness and wanting a fresh look with a shaved hairstyle. Hair pigmentation with shaved hairstyle is by far the most performed treatment in our hair clinic.

Hair pigmentation, also known as Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP), is a treatment where pigments are applied to the skin using fine needles, creating a stubble illusion.

Micro hair pigmentation example: shaved hairstyle or shaven look effect

Micro hair pigmentation is applied with a shaved hairstyle of 0.5-2.0 millimeters. The bald scalp is filled in, making it appear as if you've deliberately opted for the shaven look or short hairstyle.

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Micro Hair Pigmentation with Short Shaved Hairstyle

quick solution - natural-looking solution - affordable solution - hair pigmentation.

  • This treatment is an easier, faster, more affordable solution for complete hair loss than, for example, hairpieces or a FUE hair implantation.
  • Moreover, it offers a natural result: the pigments are fully matched to the skin type and hair color, so the treated area seamlessly blends with the shaved short hairstyle.
  • The optical density achieved with hair pigmentation is virtually identical to the original hair density and therefore much higher than what can be achieved with a hair transplant.
  • Positive experiences from Prohairclinic clients indicate that the result is indistinguishable from real.

Micro hair pigmentation example: shaved hairstyle or shaven look effect

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5 Advantages of Micro Hair Pigmentation for Shaved Short Hairstyle 'look'?

  1. Natural result - long-lasting solution: MHP with the 'shaved short hairstyle' execution offers a natural-looking hairline by using pigments and needles fully matched to the skin type, stubble density and thickness, and hair color (exception of light blonde, gray, and red hair). You're worry-free for at least 3-5 years, after which a small touch-up treatment is needed.
  2. Easier solution - quick result: Micro hair pigmentation is an easier solution for hair loss than, for example, hairpieces or a hair transplant. Usually, the 3 initial treatments are performed within the month, after which the final result is achieved.
  3. Improved self-confidence: MHP can significantly improve the self-confidence of men suffering from hair loss by providing a complete solution to baldness.
  4. Fresh look - no aftercare: Micro hair pigmentation offers men with advanced hair loss a fresh look with a shaved short hairstyle. There is no short-term or medium-term aftercare required.
  5. Positive experiences: Men who have undergone micro hair pigmentation praise the results and share their positive experiences.

Micro hair pigmentation example (started with MHP 6 years ago): shaved hairstyle or shaven look effect

Micro Hair Pigmentation in Belgium

Belgium is 'the place to be' for high-quality micro hair pigmentation

Sabine Dillen is a master micro hair pigmentation specialist from Belgium (Heist op den Berg) with over 20 years of experience as an independent assistant to hair transplant surgeons, such as Dr. Bisanga, Dr. De Reys, Dr. Ilter. Since 2010, she has been offering hair pigmentation treatments and is described by many doctors and dermatologists as one of the most talented hair pigmentation specialists in the world.

Sabine speaks fluently 4 languages and treats hair pigmentation clients mainly from Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

Her expertise and talent in the field of hair pigmentation and hair transplantation have earned her a strong reputation among both clients and colleagues in the industry. She is also a recognized member of the European 'FUE Europe' platform for hair transplantation.

Sabine Dillen. Master hair pigmentation specialist.
Sabine Dillen. Master hair pigmentation specialist.

5 Differences between Micro Hair Pigmentation and Traditional Tattooing

While micro hair pigmentation and traditional tattooing are both forms of pigmentation in the skin, there are some key differences between the two.

  1. Purpose: Micro hair pigmentation is intended to simulate the appearance of hair stubble and is used as a solution for hair loss, while traditional tattooing is usually used for decorative or symbolic purposes.
  2. Technique: Micro hair pigmentation requires a specific technique different from that of traditional tattooing. The needle, type of ink, and depth of pigment deposition are all different. Micro hair pigmentation specialists use the 'dot' technique.
  3. Needle size: The needle used during micro hair pigmentation is (much) smaller and more precise than that of traditional tattooing, allowing for the approximation of the appearance and texture of small hair stubbles.
  4. Ink: MHP uses special ink tailored to the patient's skin color and hair color, while traditional tattoos often use non-biological ink that can be harmful or irritating to the skin.
  5. Depth: Micro hair pigmentation is applied less deeply into the skin than a traditional tattoo, allowing the pigment to maintain its shape and form without spreading.

Hair pigmentation shaved look hairstyle can be customized to your preferences and desires as long as they are aesthetically acceptable.

You can choose from different types of hairlines, such as soft, natural, defined, or receded.

State of the art lighting - latest generation needles and pigments from USA
State of the art lighting - latest generation needles and pigments from USA

Number of treatments - duration of a hair pigmentation treatment - aftercare

  • Usually, 3 (sometimes 4) treatments are needed to achieve the final result.
  • Although you may notice a slight improvement after the first treatment, it is only after 2 treatments that the effect becomes clearly visible. Sessions are scheduled approximately 1-2 weeks apart.
  • Each treatment will last approximately 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the area to be treated.
  • After each treatment, we ask you to apply a moisturizing cream for 5 days (included). Furthermore, it is not allowed to sweat excessively during the first 5 days after each treatment (for example, sports or sauna). Moreover, no aftercare is needed, nor are any other side effects expected.

Hair pigmentation shaved short hairstyle is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your appearance with hair loss.

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