Hair transplant failed? Solution without new intervention, nor use of products

Recover failed hair transplant possible through micro hair pigmentation - examples

Examples where micro hair pigmentation was used to correct or improve hair transplant results.


Restore hair transplant by adding virtual hair stubble

  • Sometimes a hair transplant has failed and gives an unnatural-looking result after 12 months. A hair transplant is only possible if there are still enough donor hairs available.
  • Sometimes the result of a hair transplant is no longer optimal over time and with further hair loss.
  • Insufficient density is often a cause of hair transplant failure. Micro hair pigmentation can offer a solution in most cases.

Hair surgeons will then often recommend hair pigmentation to recreate a natural-looking hairstyle when a hair transplant has failed.

The main reasons why hair transplants fail

Reasons why a hair transplant failed include:

  • Transplanted hair not or only partially grown after 12 months.
  • Too much scar tissue formed that is noticeable and visible in the donor area or recipient area.
  • The implants are not well placed, wrong angle, wrong distribution of fine and thick hairs, insufficient density ...
  • The hair density is not the same everywhere and is visibly unnatural.
  • General hair density after hair transplantation is insufficient, so the balding part is still too bald to obtain a satisfactory result.
  • Inexperienced doctor or employees performed incorrect manipulations during the treatment, which damaged the hair roots.

Hence, it is crucial to choose an experienced hair clinic and doctor to minimize the risk of a failed hair transplant.

Hair pigmentation to correct/improve the hair situation and scars

If a hair transplant fails, hair pigmentation can be a useful solution to repair or mitigate the optical problems caused by scarring.

Sometimes the only option left is to shave all hairs short and adopt a short haircut. In combination with a hair pigmentation 'shaven haircut' or shaven look, a failed hair transplant result can be camouflaged for 99%.

Hair pigmentation works by applying specially developed 'hair' pigments to the scalp, absorbing the reflection of the reflected light and creating an optical illusion of hair stubble. Special super fine needles are also used. Although often referred to as 'hair tattoo', there are very big differences between classic tattoo and micro hair pigmentation.

Micro hair pigmentation can in most cases help to camouflage scars from an FUE hair transplant and make them less visible.

Improve FUE scars or FUT scars

Although some clinics advertise that there are no visible scars after a hair transplant, this is not always the case.

  • Some clinics use oversized instruments to remove hair follicles from the donor area.
  • Some clinics harvest too many donor hairs, which creates a thinned impression on the back of the head.
  • A common problem is the lack of experience, especially in institutions where hair transplantation is only a small part of the practice. If you are interested in hair transplantation, we recommend visiting doctors or clinics that offer full-time hair transplantation and can demonstrate years of experience.

FUE donor scars

An experienced hair pigmentation specialist knows exactly how to perform the treatment to make the round, usually white scars in the donor area of an FUE hair transplant optically virtually invisible.

By placing pigments in the white dots, the problem will no longer be visible or much less visible afterwards.

Donorgebied littekens achterhoofd camoufleren
Camouflaging donor area scars at the back of the head

FUT scars

After FUT hair transplant, wider linear scars can occur (5mm+). As a result, a surgical correction is first necessary to narrow the scar. Only then can a correction be made using hair pigmentation. Although an optical improvement can be achieved, a FUT scar will never be completely invisible.

Hair pigmentation repair treatments are non-surgical - no recovery period

There are several benefits to micro hair pigmentation repair treatments:

  • There is no recovery period necessary after a hair pigmentation. You can resume almost all activities the day after the treatment.
  • It is a non-surgical treatment, which means that no surgery is required and that there are basically no risks involved.
  • Micro hair pigmentation is virtually painless and there are hardly any risks associated with the treatments.
  • Depending on your lifestyle, you can enjoy the result for 3-5 years, without any maintenance being necessary. After that, a small refresher treatment is sufficient to enjoy life without hair problems for a period of 3-5 years.
  • The costs for micro hair pigmentation are significantly lower than hair transplant costs.

It is important to have realistic expectations about what micro hair pigmentation can achieve.

While the result may be natural and long-lasting, it is not permanent. The applied pigment will fade over time and will need to be touched up with a post-treatment after 3 to 5 years.

When a hair transplant fails, micro hair pigmentation can be an effective way to restore the result. It is important to have realistic expectations about what micro hair pigmentation can achieve and to choose an experienced hair pigmentation specialist to achieve the best results.

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