Terms and Conditions

1. Applicability
1.1. These terms and conditions apply to all agreements between Prohairclinic and the client, the former being a seller and / or supplier of products and / or services.

These terms and conditions may be waived only in writing and subject to the express permission of Prohairclinic. The delivery of a cosmetic tattoo (micro hair pigmentation, tricopigmentation) is included in the delivery of products and / or services.

2. Liability
2.1. All services requested by the client are provided under their own responsibility and at the sole risk of the client.

2.2. The client declares to be aware of the fact that tattoos in bad circumstances present a risk to health. The following risks are particularly: - bacterial infections, especially skin infections or cartilage infections (for example, staphylococcus aureus), tetanus, ...; - viral infections, especially hepatitis and AIDS, ...; - allergic reactions, especially on ink, dye, ... components.

2.3. The client further declares that he or she does not belong to any of the following categories of persons or that he has consulted a physician prior to proceeding to micro hair pigmentation:

- suffering from a haemophilia, an interference in clotting or taking medicines that may interfere with blood clotting or formation of blood clots;

- suffering from a reduced immune system or repeated infection, including HIV, hepatitis C. - suffering from an allergy;

- suffering from a heart disease

- suffering from a heart disease

- pregnant women.

- Skin cancer history

- Diabetes

- General healthy scalp is mandatory

2.4. The client declares that he / she has reached the age of 18 years.

2.5. The client declares his / her decision to have a micro hair pigmentation taken into consideration.

2.6. The performance provided by Prohairclinic in the context of micro hair pigmentation always involves an effort commitment. The latter can therefore never guarantee that the intended result is actually achieved. Prohairclinic is therefore not liable for the failure or not fully achieving the intended result, nor for any damage that may result from the treatment, except in case of gross negligence or intent.

2.7. If Prohairclinic is found liable for any damage suffered by the client, the damages may never exceed the sum charged for the relevant contract.

3. Information micro hair pigmentation
3.1. Micro hair pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure using the most modern and most advanced cosmetic tattoo to create the idea of a thicker hair stylus. During treatment you may experience mild to moderate pain, discomfort disappears almost immediately after treatment, or at least a few days later. Unlike a 'classic' tattoo, a micro hair will replace pigmentation over time and eventually disappear. This is due to the use of biological ink, which is hypoallergenic, but it is degradable. The needles used are ultra fine and the pigments are only inserted into the upper skin layers (dermis). A slight discoloration due to the effects of natural UV rays is possible but rarely.

4. Future touch-up treatments
A touch up or follow-up treatment is not included. The rate of a touch up treatment is

- See website

- per commuting hour or current rates at the time.

Attention: A touch up treatment is 1 session, or 1 single treatment

5. Applicable law and competent judicial material
5.1. In case of dispute, Belgian law applies and only the courts of Antwerp are authorized.

5.2. Photos and images may be used unrecognizable for all purposes

6. Included in rate initial startup treatment (3 sessions)
· 2 complete treatments / sessions with up to 7 days between both sessions.
· 1 correction session if necessary, at least 45 days after the 2nd day of treatment.
7. Compliance with aftercare
Prohairclinic is not responsible or liable for the result if the aftercare instructions are not observed. In case of failure or partial compliance, the pigments may disappear / discolor.

8. Appointments and cancellation
We will notify you by email of the date and time of your treatment appointment. Upon receipt of this notice, you must confirm by email (within 10 days) (Advances are non-refundable). If you do not, this can lead to redistribution of appointment time to another client. Cancellation or change of treatment date is not possible due to customer, advance payment is not transferable or refundable. All therapists at Prohairclinic have been trained and approved in accordance with the company's protocols, so we can not guarantee that you will always receive the same treatment on subsequent appointments. Late arrival may result in a reduced treatment time or forfeiture of the appointment.

Touch up rate will always start at the time of the reservation, regardless of whether the customer arrives on time. Prohairclinic will make every effort to ensure that your appointment can start on time, but for reasons beyond our control we may need to cancel or postpone your appointment in the short term. In that unlikely event, we will do everything possible to inform you in advance. We do not apply compensation if your appointment is canceled by Prohairclinic conditions.

9. Quotations Validity
30 days after issue (also when communicated orally during an intake)

10. Result - Warranty
We use 2-3 treatments to get the most beautiful end result. Within those 2-3 treatments, any slight spots are adjusted and it is checked whether the pigment density is high enough to achieve the desired result of the customer. Prohairclinic aims to ensure that you are satisfied with the treatment. Unfortunately, every skin is different and may be necessary to address an additional treatment. For these treatments within the area already processed (always within 2 months) a custom fee will be charged. For changes outside of the treated area, the full hourly rate of 'see website', - will be charged per hour.