Terms and Conditions

Micro hair pigmentation - GENERAL CONDITIONS

1. Applicability

1.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements between Prohairclinic and the client, whereby the former acts as seller and/or supplier of products and/or services.

It is only possible to deviate from these general terms and conditions in writing and with the express permission of Prohairclinic. The delivery of products and/or services includes the application of a cosmetic tattoo (hair pigmentation, trico pigmentation, SMP, MHP).

2. Liability

2.1. All services requested by the client are provided under the client's own responsibility and entirely at the client's own risk.

2.2. The client declares that he/she has reached the age of 18 years.

2.3. The client declares to have taken his / her decision to have a hair pigmentation carefully considered.

2.4. The performance that Prohairclinic delivers in the context of a hair pigmentation always involves an effort commitment. The latter can therefore never guarantee that the intended result will actually be achieved. Prohairclinic is therefore not liable for failure to achieve the intended result or not fully achieved, nor for any damage that might result from the treatment, except in the case of gross negligence or intent.

2.5. If Prohairclinic is found to be liable for any damage suffered by the client, the compensation may never exceed the amount charged for the assignment in question.

4. Future touch up follow-up treatments

A touch-up or follow-up treatment is not included. The rate of a touch-up treatment is

 - see website

- per hour started or the applicable rates at that time.

Note: a touch-up treatment is 1 session or 1 single treatment

5. Applicable law and competent court images

5.1. In the event of a dispute, Belgian law applies and only the courts of Antwerp have jurisdiction.

5.2. Photographs and images may be taken and used unrecognizable for all purposes


6. Included in rate for initial start-up treatment (3 sessions)

• 2 complete treatments/sessions with a maximum of 7 days between both sessions.

• 1 correction session if necessary, at the latest 45 days after the 2nd treatment day.

7. Compliance with aftercare

Prohairclinic is not responsible or liable for the result if the aftercare instructions are not followed. In the event of non-compliance or partial compliance, the pigments may disappear/discolor.

8. Appointments and cancellation

We will inform you by email of the date and time of your treatment appointment, after receiving this notification you must confirm the requested advance (email) within 10 days (advances are not always refundable) Does if you do not, this can lead to a redistribution of the time of the appointment to another client. Cancellation or change of treatment date is not possible due to customer, advance payment is not transferable or refundable. All practitioners at Prohairclinic are trained and approved in accordance with the company's protocols, therefore we cannot guarantee that you will always receive the same practitioner in subsequent appointments. Late arrival can result in a reduced treatment time or confiscation of the appointment.

Touch up rate always starts at the reserved time, regardless of whether the customer arrives on time. Prohairclinic will make every effort to ensure that your appointment can start on time, however, for reasons beyond our control, we may need to cancel or postpone your appointment in the short term. In that unlikely event, we will make every effort to inform you in advance. We do not apply a compensation arrangement if your appointment is canceled due to circumstances from Prohairclinic.

9. Offers Validity:

30 days after issue (also when communicated orally during an intake)

10. Result - guarantee

We use 2-3 treatments to achieve the best end result, within those 2-3 treatments any light spots are adjusted and we check whether the pigment density is high enough to achieve the result desired by the customer. Prohair clinic aims to ensure that you complete the treatment with a satisfied feeling. Unfortunately, every skin is different and it may be necessary to arrange an additional treatment. An adjusted rate will be charged for these treatments within the already worked area (always within 2 months). For adjustments outside the treated area, the full hourly rate of "see website", - per hour will be charged.

If alcoholic lotions, shampoos or minoxidil are used, they should be discontinued two weeks prior to treatment. Use after treatment must also be discontinued. I acknowledge that I am aware of the nature of the MHP treatment. This is a long-term change to my appearance and there is no full guarantee that the markers can be successfully changed or removed at a later time. I understand that the efficiency of MHP treatment varies from person to person and I understand that a very small percentage of clients do not respond well to treatment and that this small chance is also present in my case.

Read and understood,

Signature costumer:


Treatment agreement FUE hair transplantation


Prohairclinic, Boudewijnlaan 18, 2220 Heist op den Berg


and (client)


First name + family name




Postal code + city


Date of birth







1. The client has read, understood and agrees to all before and after instructions about the treatment. The client is also informed about the purpose and limitations of the treatment as well as the inconveniences and benefits.

2. The client is aware that as a result of the treatment temporary effects may occur such as;

2.1. Wound crust formation, on average 7 days after treatment to a maximum of 14 days.

2.2. Skin discoloration, red color during an average of two to three weeks. Sporadically this can last for up to about one month to one year.

2.3. The sensitivity of the scalp. During the treatment, a nerve tract can be hit, which can cause disturbances in the senses. The feeling almost always returns, but not always, after a few weeks/months.

2.4. After two to three months bumps can occur very rarely in the treatment area, this is caused by back-growing hairs. When this occurs, it always disappears after a few weeks.

2.5. A temporary facial swelling that is visible on average 6 days after treatment to a maximum of 10 days after treatment.

2.6. Very small scars can occur in the donor area. This is because hair is removed from the donor area with tiny needle needles.

3. The client is aware that treatment can achieve a maximum density of 40% on average. This is partly dependent on the quality of the donor area and the size of the area that is hairless. A second treatment in the same area can reach a higher density.

4. The client is aware that the treatment has no influence on her, which may be further affected by hereditary factors.

5. The client is aware that the hair in the treatment area may fall out (temporarily) as a result of a shock loss effect.

6. The client is aware that the donor area must be shaved if more than 1000 grafts are transplanted.

7. The client is aware that when hair is transplanted onto a scar, its growth cannot be guaranteed.

8. The Client is aware that when there is Alopecia Areata (spot-on baldness) the regrowth of the hair cannot be guaranteed.

9. Client agrees that a hair transplant according to the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method will be performed as discussed during the consultation.

10. The client is aware that due to any intake of valium/benzodiazepine, active traffic may only be taken back 8 hours after the treatment. After the treatment, the client ensures that he or she is picked up by someone or uses a taxi or public transport.

11. The Client shall immediately inform Prohairclinic of any health-related information that is or may be relevant in the context of the treatment and safety of persons involved. Examples of such information include information about skin diseases, allergies and infectious diseases that may or may not be transmitted through blood contact (such as, for example, HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C).

12. The client is aware that no excessive alcohol or nicotine may be used from 7 days before the treatment.

13. The client is aware that the use of blood-thinning agents should be avoided 10 days before treatment (for example, aspirin).




14. The client is aware that the final end result will be visible 12 months after the treatment and can be assessed.

15. The client is aware that the result of the treatment may deviate from his expectation pattern as the result depends on various factors such as the quality of the donor area and the health situation of the client. The treatment result can differ per location and hair group.

16. The Client is aware that, despite the fact that Prohairclinic will endeavor to perform a successful treatment, the final result may differ from the expected result. If this is the case, Prohairclinic will gladly look for a solution together with the client.




  1. The down payment must be made 10 days after the date of the treatment proposal. The remaining amount must be paid no later than the day of treatment.
  2. The payment for the treatment must be paid by the client prior to the treatment. If the payment is not paid, the treatment will not take place.
  3. The deposit is always non-refundable.
  4. Deposit is lost if the patient cancels or changes the agreed treatment date(s).
  5. Prohairclinic has the right to cancel the agreement and thereby cancel the treatment if the client is in default with regard to the (advance) payment.




  1. Prohairclinic will record all data of the client in a medical file. This medical file is only accessible to employees of Prohairclinic who are charged with the treatment of the client and to whom the client gives permission. The client can request a copy of their own medical file if desired.
  2. The aforementioned declares herewith to undergo a hair transplant, using the FUE hair transplant technique in specially equipped space. The total costs of the treatment were communicated to me in advance in a quote at least 2 weeks prior to the implementation of the treatment. I declare that I am of age at the time of treatment.
  3. The treating physician is Dr. Anthone. Dr. Anthone is responsible for the smooth running of the treatment.
  4. With every treatment, invasive or non-invasive, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, and other after-treatment complications or unwanted side effects.
  5. To minimize any risks, it is highly recommended that you carefully read the pre and post treatment instructions on our website. These were also sent to me via email and also handed over after the treatment.
  6. I, signed, give permission to take images and use them anonymously (eyes nose mouth hidden) for all purposes.



• The guarantee expires as soon as the patient undergoes a hair transplant at another institute.

• In the case of no regrowth of the implants, we offer 100% money back or free second treatment.

• We guarantee an optical improvement of the existing hair situation within 12 months after the treatment.

• The guarantee does not apply if it has been established that further hair loss after treatment is the result of certain medication, radiation, illness ....

• The warranty is not valid if the patient does not use the recommended anti-hair loss products on a daily basis.

• Every complaint must be received in writing within 14 months after the hair transplant. Complaints are not admissible after this period.


Thus agreed and signed:



Signature client:

location: heist op den berg


Signature doctor Prohairclinic: