New: DNA trichotest 2023 - Only use hair loss products that work effectively in YOUR body

15 February, 2023 11:22

The benefits of a DNA-based hair test (Trichotest TM)

This DNA test shows which products will or will not work for you; so it's true customization, not guesswork.

For example, you discover whether it makes sense to use (censorship from Google and Belgian legislation regarding the mention of medication) or certain vitamins or minerals.

• Fully personalized treatment based on your own DNA data.
• The test is painless, quick and easy to perform.
• The is a one-off, because genes do not change.
• With the right advice you can slow down or even stop hair loss. By offering the correct nutrients you get healthier hair.


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TrichoTest™ from Fagron Group on Vimeo.

DNA hair testing via Trichotest is a reliable and accurate method for obtaining genetic information. This information can be used to determine an individual's capability in regard to known genes that affect hair loss.
Therefore, it can be determined which substances will be effective or not effective to treat hair loss.

Fagron is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in compounding and developing pharmaceutical solutions for various therapeutic areas, such as dermatology, aesthetics, and pain management. In the field of genetics, they offer DNA testing services, including the DNA trichotest.

In the DNA trichotest by Fagron, a small saliva sample is collected and sent to the laboratory, where the DNA is extracted and analyzed. The resulting DNA profile can then be compared to the profiles of other individuals to determine a biological relationship. The test is highly accurate and widely used in forensic and legal applications, as well as for personal or genealogical purposes.

Rate : 249 Euros

You can then submit the DNA report to your own doctor, or ask advice from a doctor who has knowledge of hair loss treatments (paying, 100 euros).