Dark skin or light skin does not matter for hair pigmentation

15 November, 2022 12:41

'It doesn't matter if you are black or white'

This Michael Jackson song title also applies to our hair pigmentation customers.

Light skin, dark skin, we can change your hair look without surgery and with long-lasting results.

Hair pigmentation vs hair transplant.

People, young or old, do complain about their hair…. Or the lack of it.

With us in 'HEST' op den Berg we offer a unique solution and this completely without surgery.

Hair transplant is a great solution. It has the advantage that you can achieve almost a lifelong result. The result also looks natural when performed by experts.


Hair transplant also has disadvantages for some. If there are not enough donor reserves, there is not enough hair to transplant. Good doctors then refer to other solutions such as hair pigmentation. Bad commercial doctors will still perform the transplant with often a dissatisfied customer.


The solution hair pigmentation is not yet well established, or is mistakenly regarded as a classic tattoo.


Nothing could be further from the truth, a hair pigmentation is a special form of pigmentation. We use the 'dot' technique in working with ultra fine needles that are barely larger than real hair stubble. In addition, the pigments have been adjusted so that they do not quickly replace and do not discolour.

We therefore invite you to visit our before-after result page.

We proudly show 100+ photos of our own results.

Mind you, the hairlines differ, the density differs, the color differs from person to person.

We offer tailor-made treatment hair pigmentation only.



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