Understanding the dynamics of Follicular Unit Extraction

After an FUE hair transplantation, bald or balding patches on your scalp are a thing of the past.

The treatment is almost completely painless. The procedure does not leave visible scars and you can count on a particularly fast healing process. Even after the treatment there is no or virtually no pain.

This makes it possible to achieve particularly natural-looking results, time after time.

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FUE hair transplantation

FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is currently the least invasive hair transplantation method that is offered. No scalpel or sutures are used, no general anesthesia.

Thanks to recent developments it is possible to transplant hair follicles with a guaranteed natural result.


Is FUE hair transplantation suitable for everyone?

FUE hair transplantation is suitable for treating both starting and sometimes advanced hair loss.

This image is not a 'stock' photo but authentic result 


In order to qualify for FUE hair transplantation, it is important that there are sufficient donor hairs available. By this we mean that there must be sufficient hair follicles present on the back or on the sides of your head. Hairs are deliberately choosen from these areas, because these hairs are less or not sensitive to hereditary hair loss.

To determine whether a FUE hair transplant is suitable for you, you can request an online consultation free of charge. During this consultation we will advise you about the possibilities and / or alternative solutions.

If you are not eligible for a FUE hair transplant, we can often help you. We also offer alternative treatments such as tricopigmentation and hair pigmentation.

This image is not a 'stock' photo but authentic result 

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3 steps of a FUE hair transplantation process

A hair transplant is something that you should consider carefully before taking the final decision.

We think it is very important to prepare well in advance for the treatment. Here are the 3 key steps:

Using high magnification during each step of the treatment

Step 1: free (online) consultation

always start the hair transplant process with a consultation - information meeting. This can be arranged at our clinic (after appointment) or via Skype video conference.

During this consultation we will investigate the possibilities of a FUE hair transplantion. If you are eligible for a transplant, we will discuss with you how the treatment works. You also have plenty of room to ask any questions.

Our advice is to make a list in advance with questions or ambiguities. This way you will know exactly what to expect after the interview.

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Step 2: the treatment

After the local anesthetic is performed the hair grafts are removed from the donor area with a special FUE needle. Often these grafts consist of one to four hairs. This part of the treatment lasts 1-3 hours, depending on the number of hairs that are needed.

The removed grafts are then placed back in the skin. In order to be able to implant the hairs in the reception area, we make a small opening with the help of a special instrument. In this opening we implant the grafts manually.

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Step 3: aftercare and the period after treatment

After completing the treatment, you are handed over the aftercare kit.

We also keep in touch with you regularly after the treatment to check the progress. The end result is only reached 12 months after the treatment.

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Regrowth timeline

timeline hair transplantation

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What results can you expect from a FUE hair transplantation?

As can be seen in the graph above, the growth process takes about 12 months.

To give you a realistic expectation of the end result, we would like to show you pictures of the patients who have undergone a FUE hair transplant. View the before-and-after photos of our patients.

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FUE hair transplantation technology internationally recognized

The FUE method has been recognized by the largest international organizations as a successor to the classic strip / FUT hair transplant technique. .

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