Long lasting SMP - scalp micro hair pigmentation now available at Prohairclinic

10 November, 2018 15:29

Sabine Dillen, specialist hair pigmentation does not sit still and has completed another masterclass course: SMP, or scalp micro hair pigmentation.

Sabine has been involved in all FUE hair transplants at Prohairclinic for 15 years and since 2013 she is head of the tricopigmentation department.

New techniques are always welcome when they bring improvement or offer extra options.

Tricopigmentation is a technique that works with short-term organic pigments and begins to fade very slowly after about 12 months.

At the request of many customers, we have sought an alternative technique that can achieve long-term 'simulation' results, also with organic pigments.

That is why Sabine attended a Masterclass SMP (scalp micro hair pigmentation) training at the well-known Brandwood institute in England.

Brandwood institute has its own developed organic medical quality pigments that they have successfully used for 4 years. The special thing is that this pigment is completely 'vegan'.

The ingredients consist of 100% body's own carbon and therefore not of animal or chemical origin. Because of their (and our) 'open policy' you can read the complete description of these pigments online.

Sabine will therefore also offer these products and techniques for those who wish to achieve a long-term effect.

Tricopigmentation: organic short to medium term pigments. Blurring from + - 12 months

Scalp micro hair pigmentation (SMP): organic long-term pigments: fading from + - 4-5 years.