Micro hair pigmentation

Get the look of a full head of hair using micro hair pigmentation Using non-permanent pigments we re-create natural looking hair stubbles on the scalp, creating an optical hair thickening. Has your hair shed? With Micro Hair Pigmentation you can also create the popular shaven look.

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What is micro hair pigmentation?

It is a trend among balding men: micro hair pigmentation. With very small and thin needles natural-looking hairstbubbles are placed on the scalp, which can not be distinguished from real hair stubbles. We always use non-permanent pigments, because hairstyles may change over the years. In addition, non-permanent pigments do not discolour to blue over time. For an optimal result we recommend to undergo a touch up treatment after one or two years.

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Price information micro hair pigmentation

Price information micro hair pigmentation

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Review stubble tattoo - Joeri

"The whole process went very professionally from the first consultation to the last (of three) treatments and all this in a pleasant, professional and hygienic environment.The expectations were clear after the first visit.The treatments were virtually painless. the first day the pigmentation was slightly visible, a little more after the two treatment and the final result was seven days.A final session (4 weeks later) provided a slightly more intense result.The aftercare was clearly explained and the necessary care products be given.

I receive only positive reactions from my environment. The result looks very natural and people are surprised when I say that it is pigmentation and not 'real' hair. I would have had the treatment done earlier. My compliments go to the super team Bart & Sabine. "

Review stubble tattoo - Pieter

A decade ago I had a FUE hair transplant that I have regretted for years because I was saddled with a scar on my mind and could not mill my hair what is currently the common fashion for balding men. I made an appointment at Prohairclinic for a stubble tattoo for my scar.

Really one of my best decisions ever! The result is very successful, my hair is now minimized and you only see an almost invisible line that looks more like a skin fold than a scar. Ilse the person responsible at MHP at Prohairclinic is a sympathetic lady and works very professionally. She gives you very clear information about the treatment and reassures you. What I personally also found a great advantage was the direct result of micro-pigmentation! "

How does a micro hair pigmentation startup work?

Using micro hair pigmentation we create hair 'dots' on the head with the help of pigments. These hair pigments are placed between the hair or on the skin. Placing the pigments between the hair creates an optical hair thickening.

Even if you no longer have hair at all, a virtual hair tattoo offers a solution. For example, we make a shaven look with the help of Micro Hair Pigmentation. With the precise techniques it is even possible to create a hairline. Watch the video below to see how putting a stubble tattoo in his work:


What is the difference between a hair pigment and a regular tattoo?

With the name "stoppeltattoo" you undoubtedly think of permanent tattoos that are often used as body decorations. Although the word tattoo is in the name, there are a number of important differences.
Small, thin needles

With a stubble tattoo we use small and thin needles, so we can make the hairstoppels as small as possible for a natural effect. The tattooed hair stubble can not be distinguished from real hair stubble at normal distance.
Different techniques

With a tattoo and a stubble tattoo, different techniques are used. With a stubble tattoo we tattoo one by one small stubble, while with a tattoo we work with smooth lines.
A stubble tattoo is not permanent

Unlike a tattoo, a stubble tattoo is not permanent. If you do not have a touch up done, it takes two to five years before the pigment has completely disappeared.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can a stubble tattoo be performed with every hair color?

Yes, a stubble tattoo can be done with every hair color and skin color. However, it is important that the pigment is darker than the skin color.
Is there a certain age limit to Micro Hair Pigmentation?

Officially there is no age limit to put a stubble tattoo. However, we do not recommend that the treatment should not be carried out under 18 years. If you are considering taking Micro Hair Pigmentation before the age of 18, you must have permission from your parents or guardian.
How long does it take to put a stubble tattoo?

The duration depends on the size of the area to be tattooed. On average, a treatment lasts around five hours. For optimal results, we perform the treatment in three days, with the first two treatments taking place in succession. The third treatment is performed a week later.