HairMetrix® Trichoscopy analysis for professional hair examination

To measure is to know, and that is also the case with hair loss and hair loss.
Thanks to this new software and hardware from the company Canfield, developer of medical imaging, an objective and extremely accurate hair measurement is possible.
This new (optional) service is now available (45 Euro)


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Which information ?


  • Hair thickness (in micrometers)
  • Number of hairs per cm2 (divided into several zones)
  • Number of follicular units per cm2. (divided into several zones)
  • Number of hairs in growth phase
  • Number of hairs that have already been miniaturized
  • The above information is immediately available after the examination.


This is called a zero measurement because it can be compared later after, for example, a hair transplant, a PRP treatment, a topical hair treatment and so on.

Results Trichoscopy crucial in online consultations with doctors worldwide

Because more and more online hair consultations are offered (or recommended), the information from a Trichoscopy is crucial.
It is strictly impossible to determine the hair thickness, hair density (both hair and follicular units) on different parts of the head during an online consultation.
If you can give results of a Trichoscopy to a doctor prior to an online consultation, he can include this in his diagnosis and / or planning of a hair treatment.

How does this analysis work?

It is walk-in - walk out so you can immediately continue recording your daily activities.
A trained hair specialist will perform the Trichoscopy independently and will follow a fixed protocol.
Running the images correctly takes 15-20 minutes and is completely non-invasive.
The results, calculated by artificial intelligence software, will be sent to you by email.
These data can be used by any specialist physician in establishing a diagnosis and treatment plan.

A Trichoscopy examination is optional during a personal consultation.
Rate: 45 Euro.
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IMPORTANT: Wash your hair the morning of your consultation. Do not use gel, hairspray, hair powder.