Preserving the hair follicles

Special methods used to store hair follicles

Hair follicles are very small and delicate. Hence, they need special treatment to be able to withstand a hair transplant.

Issues that may occur are:

  • Drying out the hair follicles during treatment
  • Lack of oxygen during and just after treatment
  • Trauma to the hair follicles due to improper manipulation

Our solutions

Hair bulbs (black dots)
  • When a hair graft is taken from the donor area, we immediately place it in a cooled, special fluid to prevent drying out. The grafts remain in this fluid until they are placed back into the skin.
  • The liquid contains ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). This solution will ensure that the oxygen content of the cells stays on level during and after treatment. Cells survive clearly better by using ATP. Virtually all top hair clinics use this (particularly expensive) fluid.
  • Incorrect manipulation can only be prevented by intensive training of assistants for at least 1 year. The instruments used are also specially developed for hair manipulation.

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