The road to success

Great looking results by using top instruments and routines

To achieve consistently good results these points of interest are crucial:

  • Honest and correct selection of the candidates.
  • Only suitable candidates. be admitted. Unsuitable candidates are offered alternative treatments.
  • Experience level of all employees. Hair transplants always produce good results if and only if carried out by experienced doctors and technical assistants.
  • Using the correct instruments.
  • Proper products after treatment.
  • Follow up.

Implanting hair follicles : a manual task

The implantation of hair roots is an extremely delicate exercise.
Thanks to our experienced staff and the necessary special tools, we can ensure that our regrowth ratio is usually 90-95%.

Manual implantation of hair follicles

Microscopic hairline reconstruction

  • Hair follicles to be placed in the hairline should be selected in advance and implanted with great precision.
  • Hair follicles selected for hairline purposes are inspected under magnification in order to ensure they are single haired follicles.
  • The hair follicles should be placed in the correct direction and depth.

Attention for each single follicle

natural looking hairline reconstruction


Aftercare products

  • During the first 14 days after a hair transplant, it is crucial that the patient receives the right products and instructions to optimize the hair roots.
  • Prohairclinic, in corporation with LEM compounding (Italy), has developed an aftercare kit that is tailored for FUE hair transplantation.
  • This kit contains shampoo and lotions based on special growth factors that optimize the environment of the hair roots so that each individual hair root gets the perfect 'breeding ground' to survive.


Technical information growth factors


We will keep in touch

We will contact you at regular intervals and support you in the long regrowth process.