FUE mega sessions

When transplanting thousands of hairs in a single day, or on 2 consecutive days, is often referred to as the Mega session.

Before and after transplanting 6000 hairs

Conducting Mega session is our specialty, which is why you will notice that we have a team with a lot of experience.

We currently are able to transplant 2000-2500 grafts (follicular units =) per day. This means that we are able to transplant up to 3000 grafts over two consecutive days. This if often more than what is considered possible with older and more invasive methods.

Patients who choose the FUE method will usually have more hair available for transplantation. In this way, they gain time and will obtain faster the desired end result.

Patients with advanced hair loss have advantages using FUE mega sessions

Patients with an advanced pattern of hair loss usually have the desire to maximize hair transplant in as little treatments as possible. This is possible because of our experience and the dedication of several specialists during the FUE procedure.

Our patients will see a dramatic cosmetic improvement after only 1 or 2 treatments.

These mega sessions can sometimes be combined with "dense-packing" (high-density implant) these kind of results were at one time only possible with multiple treatments.

Other benefits FUE mega sessions

  • Fewer treatments are necessary
  • Usually more grafts  available for transplantation  than with a FUT / Strip operation
  • Better donor management
  • A very short healing period
  • Larger zones can be treated in one time

FUE mega sessions are safely performed by an experienced team. However, it takes years before a team is ready to perform FUE mega sessions. You will notice that over the years we have documented remarkably consistent results. We ask interested candidates to take this into account when making the final decision in their choice of clinic.

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