High density implantation - 'dense packing

Dense packing the follicular units

Patients with minimal hair loss can request "dense packing", a thickening technique that can achieve high density.

Example high density implant result

Most men who are not troubled by hair loss, have approximately 90-120 hair 'grafts' per square centimeter, or 200 to 260 hairs.

During a consultation, we can determine your density by using an electronic microscope.

Dr. Anthone and Sabine during the treatment

Depending on the hair loss, we can implant up to 50-60 'grafts' or 100-120 hairs per square centimeter.

The density is also determined to a large extent by the:

  • The diameter of the hair shaft
  • Hair color
  • Colour of the skin
  • Curly hair style

Higher density at the hairline

We prefer to achieve a higher density in the frontal part of the scalp. This area is most visible and therefore must have good coverage.

During the implantation phase of the treatment

Manual implantation

To enable high density, we use the smallest implant tweezers and smallest blades available on the market.

The implanting and making of the slots is done entirely manually in order to achieve the highest quality standards.

Manual implant technique by experienced technical assistant