FUE hair transplantation reviews

Adam says

Hi guys just to give you an update, the results have been good so far.

After 2 months the transplanted hair shed at the temples, although the transplanted hair at the front centre remained, this stayed at about an inch long and stayed the same for another 3 months or so, I believe some of the hairs then started growing again whilst others fell out.

The temples started growing hair again after 3 months or so and gradually got thicker. At almost 8 months the hair is mostly an even length now. I would definitely say that the experience is worth the result, and I feel much more confident about my hair. I’m considering having a possible second treatment done to add some density maybe next year. I also started using topical finasteride through H+W, made by an Italian pharmacy, been using this for about 4 months and believe it’s helping to slow down the hair loss.

Result after only 8 months

Stefano says

Had my FUE treatment with PROHAIR clinic already 2 yrs ago and the result are as good as I expected it!

Very professional team and very human too, trying their best to make your journey as more comfortable as possible.

Thank you again for your great job.


Peter says

It was excellent, the staff was professional and my treatment painless and fast.

Peter - Sweden


Stuart says

After 3 years research I decided to go with prohairclinic, I have been looked after since the day I started emailing Bart the manager, everything he said was clear and under no point at all was I pressured into anything, he helped me through the whole day but I would also like to thank the team at prohairclinic they were brilliant an there precision was just what I was looking for

I'm very happy with my new hairline and would like to thank Bart and his team at prohairclinic for the way they conduct there fantastic service.

Thanks guys Stuart (uk)


Sami says

Clinic and service in there met my expectations. Staff was superb and took care of me very well. Special thanks to Bart for kindness, open conversation and expertise.

I would recommend prohairclinic to everyone who needs this kind of service.

Sami - Finland


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