Straight hairline, or 'soft' hairline? U shape or V shape hairline?

7 October, 2022 16:44

After the question “does hair pigmentation look natural?”. The second question is usually about the placement of the hairline.

The hairline wishes of customers are often extremely far apart. Logically, you have a lot of variations.

Sometimes a straight hairline is requested, sometimes a softly defined hairline in a V or a U shape, a youthful hairline, or a mature hairline.

A major advantage of hair pigmentation compared to hair is that the hairline placement is not limited by the available donor area (where the hairs come from during a hair transplant). With hair transplantation there is always a limitation on the number of hairs that can be transplanted. So, depending on the available hair, a low tight hairline may or may not be obtained, or with few reserves, a high hairline with covers permanently visible.

With few reserves, hair pigmentation is often recommended instead of hair transplantation (because the latter still gives a thin-looking result). Read more about the differences between hair pigmentation and hair transplantation.

Micro hair pigmentation (SMP) has no limitations in the sense of lack of 'hair'.

The pigmentation is done with special pigments. These are unlimited and so the 'hair' density can always be achieved that was agreed upon.

However, you cannot always pigment an extremely high density. For example, with someone who has a low hair density in the back and the sides, it is better not to use a high density. It would look unnaturally dense where pigmented.

Everything has to do with experience, an eye for detail, and technical knowledge.

Sabine Dillen is our master hair pigmentation specialist. She has 20 years of experience as a hair transplant assistant and in the meantime also 10 years as a pigmentation expert.

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