Benefits FUE hair restoration

11 Advantages of Follicular Unit Extraction hair restoration

  • No visible scarring even wearing short hair
  • Donor area from where the hair is removed looks unaffected and unchanged as of 2 weeks after the treatment
  • FUE Hair Restoration ensures  a natural looking result using 'true' and natural follicle units
  • Natural looking hairline guaranteed. In the case of the crown area, we recreate the natural swirl using identical angulation and direction.
  • Recovery days instead of months as no scalpel or stitches are used in the treatment
  • Treatment without any major trauma for the body
  • No pain during or after the treatment so you can return home just after the treatment
  • Local anesthesia is used, similar to dentist anesthesia.

Left: Scarring after a FUT hair transplantation (picture take many years after treatment)

Right: Scarring invisible after FUE hair transplantation (picture was taken 10 days after treatment)


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