Alternative for hair transplantation - hair pigmentation

29 April, 2020 14:01

Hair pigmentation (SMP), is a special technique in which organic mini pigments, "hair stubble", are placed in order to create the effect of a shaved head.

In some cases it can also be used to optically compact existing hairs.
Attention, MHP is NOT a tattoo technique, nor is it a surgical procedure!

  • When a hair transplant is not possible due to complete baldness
  • Ideal for those who want a fuller "shaved look"
  • Optical compaction for thinner hair (even after hair transplantation)
  • Alopecia Areata camouflage (only when AA is under control)
  • Scar correction

Benefits Hair pigmentation

  • Organic pigments without harmful heavy metals
  • Pigments resemble natural hair stubble, indistinguishable from real hair stubble from a normal distance
  • Hair pigmentation pigments naturally fade, no discoloration to blue or greenish
  • SMP hair pigmentation is a technique developed ONLY for hair pigmentation. SMP hair pigmentation is NOT comparable to permanent make-up or tattoo.

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