Review FUE Geert

Last year I was  treated at Prohair for a hair transplant of 2500 grafts. Extremely nervous in advance, but the treatment was so easy. No pain, occasionally irritation when implanted and the 1st w

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Review FUE Maarten

I just felt a very expensive antique painting taken care of with the greatest expertise! Thank you Bart, Kirsten, Sabine !!!!!

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Review FUE Hugo

After my first hair transplant in a South American country, I was particularly disappointed.

Of all the promises made at that time, there remained a very thin, unnatural looking hairline.

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Review FUE Jeroen

I was received by the friendly Sabine, who also treated me. My hairline was designed and I was comforted for the surgery. Also the other ladies were very friendly and asked regularly how it went.

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Review FUE Martijn

Through this , I would like to say thanks again for the way I have experienced the 2 days.

I have experienced it as very pleasant both the receipt and the complete settlement, partly due to

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