Scar improvement

Scalp Scar Corrections with SMP hair pigmentation

  • SMP Hair Pigmentation is most likely to be the most effective way to improve scars resulted from hair transplants, accidents, or any other head scarring.
  • It can be combined with FUE hair restoration for perfect results
  • The pigments used during hair pigmentation are placed into the scar tissue and makes it less noticeable

scar improvement using Tricopigmentationsabine dillen micro hair pigmentation

Ideal for:

  • Those with visible scars on the head of Strip or FUT hair transplant.
  • Those who have had scars from accidents or surgical procedures at the head.


  • SMP hair pigmentation: pigments will fade slightly after 4-5 years after which a refresher session is needed.


  • Organically produced pigments WITHOUT heavy metals
  • Specially developed hair pigmentation needles for treating scars

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