Alternative for hair restoration?

What is SMP hair pigmentation - Tricopigmentation - hair simulation?

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Hair pigmentation / Tricopigmentation is a specially developed non-surgical treatment to simulate hair stubble or in some cases to create a higher optical density.

If executed with the necessary knowledge and experience, the result will be 100% natural.
Prohairclinic offers this treatment since 2012, full-time. Our practitioners also have the necessary qualifications and accreditation. Quality through experience and that is reflected in an ever-growing national and international clientele.


Hair pigmentation for bald or balding men - the shaven look style

With the help of special hair pigmentation pigments, we can give a virtual hairstyle to bald or balding men that look like a shaven down head.

This effect is 100% natural looking and not recognizable as a hair simulation.

Of course, the treatment must be carried out with the necessary training and experience. We also use special equipment and techniques.

This image is not a 'stock' photo but authentic result by Prohairclinic

More examples with before and after slider effect

Hair pigmentation for a higher optical density - men and women

Hair pigmentation can in some cases also be used in thinning hairs where the scalp is slightly visible.

The treatment can reduce the contrast between skin color and hair color and thereby give the illusion of more hair. This is only possible with brown or black hair color.

This image is not a 'stock' photo but authentic result by Prohairclinic

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Scars (head only)

It is possible to improve FUT scars or FUE "scars" with both SMP hair pigmentation and Tricopigmentation.

This image is not a 'stock' photo but authentic result by Prohairclinic

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Advantages SMP hair pigmentation / Trico pigmentation vs hair transplantation

SMP hair pigmentation - tricopigmentation

FUE Hair Transplantation

Permanent solution

Yes, possible


Fast result

Final result 2-6 weeks

Final result 8-12 months

Advanced baldness


Not ideal

High density


Not always possible

Leaves visible scarring


not under normal circumstances

Pain during treatment

light to moderate


Pain after treatment


no to minimal discomfort

Damage existing hairs



Price comparison

much lower than hair transplantation

Minimum age 18 25 or older

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This is NOT SMP hair pigmentation / Tricopigmentation

There are major technical differences between hair pigmentation and the following treatments:
· Tattoo
· Permanent makeup
· Micro blading
· Hairstrokes

The above treatment is NOT optimized for a natural-looking hair pigmentation result

This image is not a 'stock' photo but authentic result by Prohairclinic

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Temporary pigments or long-acting pigments?

Because both long-acting and short-term pigments can be used during hair pigmentation, the sector has chosen different names. This is not an official name, but most therapists worldwide use:

· SMP hair pigmentation = long term pigments (fading starts after + - 3-5 years)
· Tricopigmentation = short term pigments (fading starts after 6-12 months)

(It is possible to start with short-term pigments and then switch to long-term pigments).

This image is not a 'stock' photo but authentic result by Prohairclinic

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Organic pigments

Prohairclinic uses 100% organic pigments for both SMP hair pigmentation and Tricopigmentation.

· Do not contain heavy metals
· Are hypoallergic (no allergic reactions)
· Were not tested on animals
· Can be removed with the help of Laser if desired

This image is not a 'stock' photo but authentic result by Prohairclinic

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Our therapists have followed several courses abroad and have therefore obtained various masterclass diplomas.
Our therapists also have the necessary Belgian permits for the application of pigmentation and hygienic care.

Sabine Dillen


Consultation possibilities(free)

If you want to see if a treatment is possible then we offer the following free consultation possibilities:

Personal conversation: recommended- Book an appointment online
Skype conversation: possible and advisable if you have to come from far - Book an appointment online
Online consultation based on images: Complete hair pigmentation form

Number of treatments

For a 'shaven look' treatment, 3 - 4 treatment is always necessary.

Before the treatment increase optical density, 3-5 treatments are necessary

Technical information about used materials and protocols at Prohairclinic

SMP hair pigmentation


Pigment type




Long lasting



3-5 years

6-12 months




Laser removal possible