Hair pigmentation - SMP

What is scalp micro pigmentation – SMP?

Scalp hair pigmentation or SMP is a specially developed non-surgical treatment to simulate hair stubble or in some cases to create a higher optical hair density.

If performed with the necessary knowledge and experience, the result will look 100% natural.

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Prohairclinic has been offering this treatment since 2012, full-time. In addition, our treatment rooms are specially equipped so that we can work under optimal light conditions.

Our experts also have the necessary diplomas and accreditations.

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Hair pigmentation for bald or balding men – the shaven look

With the help of special hair pigmentation pigments, we can offer a 'virtual' shaved haircut for bald or balding men.

This effect is 100% natural looking and not recognizable as a hair simulation.

Of course, the treatment should be carried out with the necessary training and experience.

Special equipment and techniques are also used, not comparable with tattoo treatments or instruments.

Hair pigmentation for a higher optical density – men and women

Hair pigmentation can in some cases also be used in thinning hair where the scalp becomes slightly visible.

The treatment can reduce the contrast between skin color and hair color, giving the illusion of more hair.

This treatment is only possible with brown or black hair.

FUE + FUT hair transplant scars

It is possible to improve FUT or FUE scars with SMP hair pigmentation

Hair transplantation scar improved by SMP

These techniques do not provide optimal hair pigmentation results

There are major technical differences between hair pigmentation and the following treatments:

  • tattoo
  • Permanent make up
  • Micro blading
  • Hairstrokes

The above treatments are NOT optimized for a natural looking hair pigmentation result.

Bothered by a bald or balding crown area?

We can fix it!

Organic Pigments

Prohairclinic only uses organic pigments that are regulated by the EU (REACH).

Hamani EU goedgekeurde haar pigmentatie pigmenten
Hamani® EU approved pigments

Hanami® pigments are manufactured in a German laboratory that meets the highest standards of sterility, as well as in pharmaceutical factories. As a result, Hanami® pigments meet all required legal standards in accordance with the resolution of the Council of Europe.


Our hair pigmentation therapists have followed several courses abroad and have therefore obtained various masterclass diplomas.

In addition, our therapists have the necessary Belgian licenses for the practice of pigmentation and hygienic care.