PRP hair loss treatment information

Hair boost treatment

  • PRP = Platelet rich Plasma (fast effect, high peak value, worked out fairly quickly)
  • PRF = Platelet rich Fibrin (slower and longer lasting effect, lower peak values)
  • Hair lotion: contains both minoxidil and Finasteride
  • Low level laser hair stimulation


Total treatment time per treatment: 1 hour

  1. Blood collection
  2. PRP and PRF are isolated in specialized equipment
  3. Insertion of PRP + PRF into the scalp
  4. Activate the PRP-PRF by needling
  5. 30 minutes of LED therapy (stimulation blood flow)
  6.  Hair lotion for daily usage and maintenance

After the treatment

  • After the treatment, you can drive a vehicle yourself.
  • The hair is still visibly "wet" after treatment
  • The hairs may be washed the morning after the treatment.
  • There are no side effects.


There is no specific aftercare, and no side effects are expected.


Correct compliance with the prescribed number of treatments + daily use of the hair lotion = weaker and thin hair will become stronger after 6-12 months.

Results permanent with correct follow-up

The result achieved is usually permanent with daily use of the hair lotion and annual one-time hair boost treatments.

Price information

PRP-PRF/hair boost treatment rates