Hair Pigmentation 'Shaven Look' SMP

A shaved 'look' hairstyle for balding men

Not all hair loss problems can be solved by hair transplantation.

Hence hair transplant doctors recommend hair pigmentation for: advanced hair loss, repair FUE or FUT scars, densification of hair transplantation.

  • By using her pigmentation, the illusion can be created of a shaved head of hair, the 'shaven look'.
  • Interesting for those who always wear and keep their hair at +- 1 mm length.
  • The result is completely natural looking, unrecognizable as virtual hair stubble.
  • Long term solution 5-10 years.
  • Fast result, affordable compared to hair transplantation
  • No recovery period or other down time.

More examples

Shaven look example with complete baldness

More examples


  • Ideal for those who do not qualify for a hair transplant (baldness too advanced).
  • For people who always wear their hair very short but want the fuller head of hair effect.
  • Some alopecia areate patients
  • Those who are averse to hair transplantation and. or hair works


  • The pigments will fade slightly after 4-5 years but will not discolour. After that, a touch up session is needed.


  • Specially developed patented MHP hair pigmentation needles for extra fine micro 'hair stubble'. No use of tattoo or permanent makeup needles.
  • Specially developed software and hardware, only used for pigmentation of the scalp.
  • Using the manual dotting technique.