Hair Pigmentation 'Shaven Look'

That perfect 'shaven look' hairstyle for balding men

Using the Hair Pigmentation (Tricopigmentation) technique, the illusion can be made of a perfect shaved look hairstyle.

This is ideal for those who wear and hold their hair length at +- 1mm.

The result is completely natural, not recognizable as virtual hair.

Shaven look example - advanced hair loss client

More hair pigmentation results

Ideal for:

  •      Those who do not qualify for hair transplant (baldness too advanced).
  •      People who always wear the hair very briefly but want a "fuller" effect.
  •      Some Alopecia Areata patients.

More hair pigmentation results


  •      The biological pigments will slowly become lighter after 10-12 months, after which a touch up is needed.
  •      Without annual touch up, pigments will disappear completely after 4-5 years

  •      Specially developed pigments, no tattoo pigments or permanent make up pigments
  •      Specially developed software and hardware, used only for the scalp pigmentation.

More hair pigmentation results