Hair strengthening lotions

Most effective and popular hair enhancing lotions.

Nanoxidil: Beginning to moderate hair loss - men and womenNanoxidil

  •     Optimizes cell membranes to promote healthy hair
  •     Contains Aminexil, Procyanidin B-2, Retinol
  •     Opens ion channels in the scalp
  •     Stimulates the anagene (growth) phase of the hair
  •     Suppresses DHT to prevent hair loss
  •     Work for no less than 12 hours    Softer for the scalp and prevents irritation
  •     Suitable for both men and women

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Spectral CSF: Beginning to moderate hair loss - specially developed for female hair lossSpectral CSF

  •     Ideal for thinning hairs, for example after menopause
  •     Contains Aminexil®, adenosine, EUK-134, and octapeptide-2 (Proharin-β4)
  •     Specially adapted to women's biological pattern
  •     Results visible after minimum 6 months of daily use

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