Checklist hair loss

How serious is your hair loss?

Based on our checklist you can determine how serious your hair loss is. Normally you lose about 50 to 100 hairs every day. This is normal; at the end of the hair growth cycle, the hair is released and a new one comes in its place. See if you have normal, excessive, severe or extreme hair loss and what Prohairclinic can do for you.

Degree of hair loss

Normal hair loss

You lose up to 100 hairs per day and your hair has not become thinner in the last period. Treatment of hair loss is not necessary.

Excessive hair loss

Your hair becomes thinner, but your scalp is not (yet) visible and there are no bald spots. Investigate the cause of your hair loss and let yourself be treated if necessary.

Serious hair loss

You suffer from thinning hair and the scalp is visible through the hair. A treatment is needed to improve your hair growth.

Extreme hair loss

Your scalp is clearly visible through your hair and / or you have bald patches on your head. A treatment is necessary to correct or mask the problem.

Checklist: view how serious your hair loss is

Use the checklist below to check how serious your hair loss is. If you experience excessive, severe or extreme hair loss with at least one of these points, it is advisable to have Prohairclinic with micro hair pigmentation or FUE hair transplantation.

1. Compare your hair with a year ago

If there is hair loss, there is a clear difference between your hair growth at the moment and a year ago. For example, if your hair has become visibly thinner, then there is probably problematic hair loss.

Compare your hair with a year ago
Normal Stayed the same, you do not see any difference in thickness
Excessive Slightly reduced, your hair seems slightly thinner
Severe Reduced, your hair is considerably thinner
Extreme Very reduced, your scalp can be seen through your hair
Receding hairline
Normal No receding hairline
Excessive Your hairline retracts slightly
Severe Your hairline receded 1 to 2 centimeters
Extreme Your hairline retracts more than 2 centimeters

2. Your hairline is receding

This also does not apply to everyone, but if your hairline differs, there is at least excessive hair loss. Especially in men, this is common when they get older, but you can treat a retreating hairline very well.

3. Your hair is easily released

Carefully pull a piece of hair consisting of about 25 to 50 hairs. Let a few hair loose, then this is no problem. Are there more than a few hairs loose? Then you suffer from hair loss.

Number of hairs that let go
Normal 2 - 3
Excessive Minimal 5 to 10
Severe Minimal 5 to 10
Extreme More than  10
Balding spots
Normal No balding spots
Excessive Small bald spot
Severe A somewhat larger bald spot or several small spots
Extreme Large bald spots on your head

4. You get bald spots

Some people with hair loss get bald spots. This is a clear sign that you are losing your hair because it is clearly visible. Even a small balding spot can already indicate excessive hair loss.

Treatment for hair loss

There is nothing wrong with normal hair loss. You get new hair at the same rate as you lose hair. Do you suffer from excessive, severe or extreme hair loss, then Prohairclinic offers you two treatment methods to reduce the effect of the falling hair. Click on the buttons below for more information.

Micro hair pigmentation FUE hair transplantation