Hair fibers

Instant hair thickening

Hair powder, also named hair fibers, are the cheapest and fastest solution for those with minimal to medium hair loss. Fuller and thicker hair in 20 seconds or less!

Nanogen haarpoeder voorbeeld
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Nanogen hair powder usage

Nanogen hair powder is recommended by specialists at first signs of hair loss to medium hair loss.


Hair powders give the impression of a full head of hair in both men and women, instantly.

Nanogen hair powder is available in 10 different colors.

The effect of a fuller hair is obtained by dividing millions of minuscule hair particles between existing hairs. Due to the static effect, the hair particles stick between existing hairs.

Under normal weather conditions, these hair fibers particles remain perfectly positioned. In rainy weather or heavy wind, you can use a spray to fix the hair particles.

How to use?

Sprinkle the hair fibers on the thinning areas. Then 'massage' this area for 5 seconds using your fingers. By now the powders are fixed, shine your hair and give the effect of a full head of hair!

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