What You Didn't Know About Her Pigmentation – Difference from Classic Tattoo

1 September, 2022 21:21

Hair pigmentation or scalp micro hair pigmentation (SMP) is still unknown to many of us, especially compared to hair transplantation. Read more about the differences between hair transplantation and hair pigmentation.
Still, hair pigmentation has been available for over 10 years. Our country, together with the Netherlands and Italy, is the cradle of this natural-looking hair loss solution.
In the meantime, the technical possibilities have improved, and the dots are currently even smaller, and therefore more realistic, than, say, 5 years ago.
But is scalp micro hair pigmentation a traditional tattoo? The answer is NO. Micro hair pigmentation of the scalp is quite different from a traditional tattoo. We also like to document our own hair pigmentation examples

Scalp pigmentation is different from a tattoo in every way. Everything from the needle, the type of ink and the depth of the pigment deposit is different. Let's explore…

Micro hair pigmentation of the scalp vs the size of the tattoo needle

For starters, a regular tattoo needle is just too big and imprecise to approach the look and texture of tiny hair follicles. The needle used for MHP is called a "3-point microneedle". It is 50-75% smaller than the smallest needle a traditional tattooist uses! The result of using such a small needle is that you can't even tell the difference between a real hair follicle and ink deposited by an MHP needle!

Scalp Micro Hair Pigmentation Ink

During your consultation, your MHP practitioner will work with you to create a pigment shade that matches your skin tone and your existing hair color. We use the Fitzpatrick scale to achieve this match, which is widely used in the permanent makeup and cosmetic industry.

At Prohairclinic we use micro hair pigmentation inks that are approved for the new EU guidelines in this regard. Traditional tattoo inks, on the other hand, are often non-organic and can be both harmful and irritating to your skin. MHP pigments are not made from composite sources, so the colors will not change over time.

Skin depth scalp micro hair pigmentation

Hair pigmentation is a non-invasive treatment as we only go 2 layers into the dermis. Unlike traditional tattoo ink, which is applied 5 layers into the skin. Why? Because at this depth, the pigment keeps its shape without spreading. SMP practitioners gain more control over the final shape of the ink deposit, while still going deep enough into the skin to be permanent/long lasting.

Micro hair pigmentation of the scalp vs tattoo technique

One of the biggest differences between micro hair pigmentation and traditional tattoos is the technique. Traditional tattooing uses a scraping method to get the desired design. Micro hair pigmentation of the scalp uses a 'dotting' method where the practitioner places small dots in the skin to create the appearance of hair follicles.

This difference in technique is also the reason micro hair pigmentation of the scalp is significantly less painful than a traditional tattoo. The pain for tattoos is consistent for most, while her pigmentation is more tolerable by comparison. At Prohairclinic we have never had a customer who did not finish his treatment.

SMP vs Tattoo Training & Certifications

To run a scalp micro hair pigmentation company in most EU countries, they need a tattoo license and a blood borne pathogen certificate. While both tattoo artists and scalp micro hair pigmentation artists require similar certifications to open a clinic, having a scalp micro hair pigmentation certification from a reputable source is a must for anyone seriously considering starting an SMP business or business. to become an artist. Of course we have all the necessary licenses, certificates, as well as insurance.

At Prohairclinic, all our practitioners are required to undergo extensive training, including a 4-month internship - by far the most comprehensive in the industry.
We are always looking for candidates who wish to have a treatment carried out in the context of training. You get up to 50% discount! More information about the discount for training candidates.
Do you prefer to be treated by our Master Pigmentation specialist with more than 10 years of experience? No problem. Contact us

Micro hair pigmentation of the scalp in hair loss

Now I'm wondering, "Am I a good candidate for scalp micro hair pigmentation?" now you know all about it?

Most of our clients are males, and are looking for the shaven look hair pigmentation solution.