This Finasteride lotion really works - example

24 January, 2019 13:53

Although topical finasteride exists for several years, we have yet to see real-life results.
This German patient contacted us in September 2018. He was using Rogaine at the time and was not willing to use oral Finasteride.

Hence we recommended giving a Minoxidil and Finasteride combo lotion a try since both combined should work better.
As of September, he started using a 6% minoxidil combined with 0.05 % finasteride topical solution daily.
Although he experienced ‘initial shedding’ for the first two months (and was on the verge of stopping) he noticed improvements kick in after about 3 months.

A couple of days ago he came over to Prohairclinic for his hair transplantation and when he showed his pictures we were pleasantly surprised how well this topical solution has worked for him.

He reported zero sides.

We would like to share this information and his pictures in order to give those who are unwilling to use oral finasteride another option.

The pictures below were taken by the patient, under the same lighting conditions.