Spectacular 'hair density' enhancement using hair pigmentation

15 December, 2021 10:51

He is an ideal candidate for using hair pigmentation.

He has fair skin, dark hair.
He has lost some hair, the skin is starting to be noticed.

He already came for 3 sessions, but he wanted to add a bit more intensity and so we performed a 4 th session.

Future options if he should stop his hair medication?
He can shave all and look fine with a 'shaven look style' hair cut.
There will be no scars visible from either FUT or white dots from FUE.

This option works well for both men and woman with fair skin and dark hair, initial stages of hair loss.

For those with advanced hair loss we use the full shaven look pigmentation. This option gives a full solution / high density for those wo are OK with this hair style.
More shaven look hairstyle examples:

Please note, we provide high detailed pictures taken under bright light in order to show real 'worse' conditions. Under normal lighting the results are looking even better in many cases.