How to avoid a Hair pigmentation DISASTER

26 April, 2018 17:27

Micro hair pigmentation (MHP) - but where?
Hair pigmentation, sometimes referred to as hair simulation or tricopigmentation, is a treatment in which your physical characteristics can change radically.

However, it can turn out on a DISASTER if not performed by an expert with LOADS of experience.

Here are some tips why you have to be EXTREMELY carefully when choosing your MHP practisioner.

1. When and where did the training take place?
2. Used technology? Tricopigmentation - Tattoo - permanent make up?
3. Number of years of experience?
4. Before and after images - video available?
5. Are there consultation options? In person? Via Video conference? Free?
6. Ask for reviews, experience reports and or ask for the possibility to contact MHP customers.
7. What do you expect from your result? Are you looking for a 'hard' and straight hairline, or rather a 'soft', more natural hairline?
8. A good practitioner will almost always start carefully, not too dark and the hairline not too low.
9. Are the pigments used specially developed hair pigmentation pigments or pigments for other or general applications (eg tattoo pigments or permanent make up)

Want clear and correct answers, it is finally a decision that is very important!