Scalp Micro Hair Pigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micro hair pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure, which uses the most modern and advanced cosmetic tattoo to create the idea of a fuller head of hair. Contrary to a ‘traditional’ tattoo, an SMP will always fade and eventually disappear. This is because organic ink is used, which is hypoallergenic but bio-degradable. The needles are ultra-thin and thepigments are only implanted in the outer layers of the skin

The natural pigments used by Prohairclinic do NOT include heavy metals such as lead, nickel or iron oxide.

Better looking density for men and woman with thin or thinning hair.

scalp micro hair pigmentation

This treatment is ideal for those that still have original hair and want to make it look thicker. No need to use any products on a daily basis, this is a one time treatment that can last up to 2 years. The treatment is nearly pain free, does not scar and gives immediate results.

Differences with Tattoo

  • No permanent ink, no fading to blue
  • Biodegradable inks
  • Pigments are less deeply placed
  • We spend a numbing ointment, making most people feel no discomfort during the treatment.
  • Leaves no scars and gives instant results almost immediately


micro scalp pigmentation
















Ideal for those:

• that are too young for a hair transplant

• who have insufficient donor region to achieve a good hair transplant result

• who want to increase the optical effect of a hair transplant by 20-50% without surgery

• who want a fast end result (2-3 days).

• people that do not want a hair restoration treatment

• who do  not want to wear a wig

• who are tired of using camouflage products on a daily basis

• For those with complete hair loss and want a shaven look with the impression of a full head of hair









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Micro hair pigmentation:
before and after pictures

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Hair transplantation:
before and after pictures

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